Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much would it cost to move a spa/hot tub?
A: That all depends on:

  • Size of the spa/hot tub
  • Access to yard
  • Pickup and delivery locations
  • Hills and stairs/steps

Q: If my access is very narrow down the side can you get the spa/hot tub in my back yard?
A: Depends if you measure width at the tightest spots (A/C units/chimneys/dog runs/gates) and you have 1” extra we can get it back there no problem.

Q: My spa is in a deck can it be removed?
A: Yes, however we would need to see pictures of what we are dealing with to determine if we need to cut it up to remove it.

Q: Can a spa/hot tub be moved up or down the stairs/steps?
A: Depends on how many steps/stairs we have to go up or down and if its wide enough. We would more than likely need to see some pictures of the stairs/steps.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: Cash is BEST but we also take credit cards with a fee of what I’m charged worst case a check but not if the move is out of town.

Q: Can you move a spa/hot tub over the lawn there are also decorative rocks or unlevel ground should I be worried about damaged to my yard/spa or house?
A: Not at all we use plywood to get over and past these types of terrains.

Q: I purchased a spa from Costco Can you pick it up at the store and deliver it to me?
A: Yes most of the time Costco will driveway drop the spa and we can take it from there and get it in the back yard.

Q: If I want to dump/remove my old spa do you do that?
A: Yes

Q: I have an old spa I want to get rid of but won’t fit through the gate can it be cut up and hauled away?
A: Yes we can cut it up and haul away.

Q: Can you disconnect the spa before hauling it away?
A: Yes we can disconnect the spa and tape off the wires with electric tape for safety. We will make sure the electrical box is off also.

Q: How long would it take to remove or deliver a spa/hot tub?
A: Usually we can get the job done in 1/2 to an 1hr depending on your access.

Q: Do you hook up the electrical?
A: NO we are not certified electricians so we can only disconnect the power at the spa board.

Q: What do you mean by access?
A: Most of the time we stand the spa on its side sometimes we can go flat if you have RV access but if you measure the spa depth that will give you the width we will need to get through the gate and if you measure the spa length on both sides and add ( 7”) for our dolly that will give you the height we will need.

Q: If there is not enough access to get the spa in would I need a crane to go over the house ?
A: Most of the time we can get the spa in your backyard without any problems but there are times you may need a crane to get it back there.

Q: Do you move anything else besides spas/hot tubs?
A: No

Q: Can you remove the fence if necessary?
A: Yes we can remove the fence and put it back up when we are done.

Q: How much notice in advance do you need to set up an appointment?
A: Depends, Sometimes we can do it that day if we are in the area but if not usually a day or two.

Q: How do I drain my spa/hot tub?
A: Usually there’s a drain valve in the equipment area.If not put garden hose into the spa below water level and start filling it for approximately 30 seconds.Then turn water off and disconnect the hose at the spicket/hose bib. Set hose on ground and this will create a siphon.

Note: My truck is equipped with just about every tool we need to get the job done.

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