Spa Pre-Move

Getting ready for delivery or removal of your spa or hot tub.

* Check the length / width / depth dimensions of your spa/hot tub.

* It might be necessary to remove your gate or a section of fence in order to provide adequate access to the installation location.

* A few other things that maybe in our way: shed/dog house/garbage cans/recycle cans Ect.

* Are there protruding gas meter/ water valves/Electrical meter/ A/C units that will obstruct from removing or delivering your spa?

* Check for low roof eaves, overhanging, trellis, tree branches, and rain gutters that protrude into the overhead clearance.

Please before we come out there here’s what we ask the customer to do:

  1. Turn the breaker switch off from the main box for the spa.
  2. Drain the spa.
  3. Please move any cars or boats that are in the driveway or side yard.
  4. Please clear anything that’s in our way on the side yard.
  5. Please keep kids and pets at a safe distance.

Our service includes:

* We will disconnect the electrical at the spa and tape off wires.
* Remove and re-install section of the fence.
* Remove and re-install the cover lift.
* Assist crane service company. (If required )

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